It takes a lot to maintain my faith in the midst of all the turmoil that has been my life. I have asked God for dreams or visions to help me along my way. Today He revealed to me the reason I’ve had little in these more supernatural areas of our relationship. Perhaps it had to wait until I realized that my condition isn’t a result of laziness but rather a real fatigue brought on by bad decisions and my propensity for depression.


Those who receive dreams and visions are given something that they must share. It is not a small thing to see what awaits us down the line. Destiny rushes toward us, and there are those who are called to announce it. Others of us wait offstage, ready to give the strong support these town criers, these watchers have to have in order to do their work. It is a process that only works when all involved are doing their part.


I thank God for sending Jesus to pay the price for my sins. I strive every day to be stronger in resisting temptation and committing the sins that result when I fail. It is not easy, but if it were, would it be worth it? I am, simply, humbled that He would show me these things in spite of my tendency to whine about everything.


He is awesome, indeed.




Standing on the Precipice

Some days I want to scream. All around us are the hints of what’s to come. Things move slowly it seems, but is this the truth of the matter? So North Korea is poised with nuclear missiles and a lot of talk. Someone pointed out a numerical oddity that suggests the 15th of April could be a day for attack. Okay but then yesterday the 10th was also a good day. And March 31st was the day of the Rapture. The one thing that is not adding up here for me is simply this: sudden destruction.


1 Thessalonians 5:3   

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


Right now people aren’t really saying much about any peace and safety. Unless we’re talking about the mindless sheep watching the X Factor of Dancing With the Stars. Do they count? There are many people who are quite alert out there, so what’s it going to be? Does everyone fall asleep? I spend a good bit of time every day piecing through all the reporting and trying to find something that will tell me where we are, what kind of timeline we’re looking at and will Jesus come and get us out of here soon?


What am I missing here? Sudden destruction is poised, ready to act. So will North Korea continue to thumb their noses at us? Will more saber rattling go on in the Middle East? Sometimes it’s hard to be vigilant. The world beckons always, and I struggle to turn away, to let things go. I strive to make my relationship with God stronger every day.


I’m so weary of it all. I didn’t choose this. I just want to go Home.


Enter the Darkness

What kind of time are we entering into? It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. No, not that. It is a time of darkness. How can we tell? Sitting on the edge of nuclear destiny while watching the latest episode of the Following, I found myself thinking, “There’s nothing but darkness. How did it get so dark?” Indeed, I find the devil working overtime to convince us there’s no hope. The best of what’s inside is still rotting flesh. And, sadly enough, it’s true.


The show’s hero, or anti-hero, Ryan Hardy is portrayed as a broken beaten down man not even looking for redemption when he’s called back to the FBI to help in the search for a serial killer he put away years ago. The killer has escaped from prison, taken care of  by his seemingly unending flock of groupies, his “following.” The FBI needs Ryan because he’s the only one who can get inside the killer’s mind. Once he agrees to come in, he’s promptly muzzled but is able to function in a way reminiscent of Jack Bauer. Almost but not quite competent due to the large network of people who love Ryan’s nemesis.


This week’s show revealed yet another level to Ryan’s tortured past. His father, shot by a drug dealer, was avenged by Ryan himself who killed the druggie by forcing him at gunpoint to overdose. The question that continues to plague me through all of this is will there be any redemption? This show has become a popular new addition to the Fox schedule, having already been picked up for a second season. Kevin Bacon’s acting is impeccable, and he has a great cast to back him up.


Television programming (get it? programming?) has been pointed in this direction for some time, and this, its culmination, comes at a time where our world stances on a precipice that can bring only destruction and slavery. If there was no bright future to wait and hope for, I would find no problem with offing myself because I didn’t choose this. I want to cry for the world of my childhood, not because there was no darkness hovering over me but because it had not yet become evident. I want to cry because my children can’t know what freedom is. It is no longer taught in schools. It disappears a little bit every day as the noose around us tightens.


Life has become so dark that even the light of the Holy Spirit shines from too few of those who fight against the current ruler of this earth. May Jesus come soon and rescue us from this hell on earth.the-following-fox-poe-hed-2013

Internet Issues and More

So….while the world continues to go down the toilet, my internet issues continue to plague me. It’s not enough to have problems focusing. Absolutely not enough indeed. However, I continue to fight the big fight and work toward my ultimate goal of earning some kind of living with my various videos, photos and writing

I have a new series up on Yahoo Voices regarding my Impromptu Cooking ideas. Eventually my Impromptu Cook site will be tied to the Yahoo site. Right now it’s a lot of writing and promoting and trying to keep it all together. It’s hard; some days it’s a fight to just get up and function. I’ll be adding more content regularly, and perhaps it’s time to bring Araghan back into the light of day. Perhaps.

In the end, though, it should be well worth it. The power of Jesus Christ is with me. I have been given the tools for homesteading. All I have to do now is work at it. For the first time in a really long time, I’m looking forward to life unfolding before me. That is probably the best thing that has happened to me in years.

So pray for me please. Pray for God to give me my internet back without any hiccups, because it would really make a difference.

A tangled web indeed…

So I’m not much into any form of numerology whether it be from Bible codes or New Age crap. I’m really not familiar with the whole gematria system used with Hebrew words and letters.  I have read posts and seen videos here and there regarding these methods of extracting prophecy and trying to figure out who the Anti-christ is. I have to shake my head usually because while I’m not much for believing in coincidences, I also don’t believe that it’s that easy.

Or maybe it is. But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I was watching something on youtube (and no I don’t remember what it was) that referred to the gematria and the Hebrew letter for 6 being a w. And then the video mentioned the www that precedes web addresses. Then something in my brain clicked. No, it wasn’t painful, but it did make me think.

What does that www stand for? World Wide Web? Eh? What’s a web?

From Wikipedia:  World Wide Web or “the Web”, a hypertext system that operates over the Internet.

Okay, we already thought of that one. So what is a web?

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Spiderweb: the network of silken thread spun by most spiders and used as a resting place and as a trap for small prey.

Or…something resembling a web: Snare, Entanglement

So…..what does this  mean in the grand scheme of things?

Could it possibly be a trap? Could the Internet, our wonderful world wide web be a tool of the devil? Because if “w” equals “6” in Hebrew, then what is www? 666? Mark of the beast?

Possibly, but it’s more. Because they decided to call it a web. Now, before you decide that I’m just paranoid, yes I know that one of the definitions for web is “a network.” And in and of itself the Internet is not evil. But it’s really easy to lose yourself when surfing. It’s like falling down a hole, or walking down a spiral staircase that never ends.

You can find just about anything on the Internet. The World Wide Web. You can find things that you may have never wanted to find if it didn’t exist.

It’s a system that will come into play right before our eyes. It will be integrated into our lives. This has already happened. We think very little of the technology that is introduced piecemeal to us. Little by little we are drawn in. How far do we go before it’s too late? At what point are we stuck?

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up lately. Surely it has to have been thought of before now. But I must admit, it is very chilling to think about how easily we can be fooled. The age of the microchip is upon us. We are but one step away from bodily insertion. It’s always for the greater good, to make things more convenient, to keep us from having to wait. Since the advent of modern technology, we have been fed, little by little, a lifestyle that demands the system that will be the downfall of everyone living on this planet. All for the price of our souls. Will you give up yours?

Or will you fight back. Will you accept Jesus as your Lord? Will you ask Him to be your Saviour? Will you lay down your life and turn away from the toys the enemy has convinced us are the best things ever?

There is so much more to look forward to. He who dies with the most toys still dies. And if you love your toys remember: If you die in your sins those toys are all you’ll ever have.

For eternity.


Why, you ask?

In the several places I hang out on the internet, I see the same question. Why does God allow this? Well, here’s the cold hard truth. You don’t want him around. You’ve taken him out of the schools, out of various parts of the government. You don’t want him hanging out on the streets. You don’t want him anywhere. And you certainly don’t want anyone to mention Jesus Christ. So what do you expect?

You want nothing to do with God. You want nothing to do with God. Did you get that? NOTHING. If you don’t want him hanging out in your business, while you go and do abominable things, then how can you expect him to come and fix it all? The reason he doesn’t do anything is because you’ve managed to go and get Satan, the devil himself aka Lucifer, to get all up in your stuff. And you know what? He’s all about doing bad things. He’s already going to eternal damnation with his other fallen angel buddies, so of course he wants to take as many of us with him that he can. We are eternal spiritual beings, and we have a choice. Do we want to bow to God Almighty, creator of the universe? Or do we prefer the company of  the most pure evil?

Face it folks.  It’s fun to do bad things. It’s exciting to live on the edge. But is it worth it? Look at your life. Is it all about big screen TVs, expensive cars and houses you can’t afford? Patience is gone. Waiting on the Lord is ridiculous in the world’s eyes. We’ve been programmed to covet our neighbor’s stuff. We’ve been encouraged to be envious. And somewhere in the process we forgot how to be conservative in what we have. It’s a disposable society that throws out garbage like no one else on the planet. We have been programmed. Look it up, it’s what’s on TV every day, every hour of our lives.

So, in the case of a horrible massacre, don’t point your fingers at God. Don’t blame Him for any of it. You asked for it when you told Him to leave you alone, America. So don’t go around crying about consequences.

And…it’s about to get much worse.




The transparency of the nuthouse…

So Satan made his presence known once again, but no one was paying attention. Instead they went shopping for big screen TVs and video games and brand new clothes. Maybe they shopped on eBay. Maybe they went to the mall. They heard the noise and cried but failed to understand that none of it is real. The deaths are real. The pain is real, but the motives behind the actions are not real.

I wrote Conversations With No One as I began to understand how the matrix really works. Waking up was painful, and the steps I’ve walked since then have been hard fought, but the purpose I’ve found is amazing and deeper than any rabbit hole should ever have to be. At some point I’ll return to that story, but first I have to learn to manage my time. First I have to figure out how to live, because living was not my purpose before. I existed. I endured each day. Now I am promised life, either here or beyond. I have a future to anticipate with longing. I have a message to convey, and some of it might be hard to understand, but I have discovered that riddles have a part to play in it all.

While the PTB have to openly expose their actions to a sleeping world, my God shrouds His truth. You have to seek the truth. It is not out there to be dragged through the mud. It is a priceless pearl that exists for those who are willing to give up everything. The warning is, however, that it is everything that must be given up. God will ask for no less than everything, but in turn he will give you everything. It is a delicious riddle that brings a smile to my face. He can be trusted in everything. Keep no secrets because you have none when in His presence. And it is a wonderful thing to be able to discuss everything.

For this, I will share the rest of the journey that is my reward for choosing the pearl.