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It takes a lot to maintain my faith in the midst of all the turmoil that has been my life. I have asked God for dreams or visions to help me along my way. Today He revealed to me the reason I’ve had little in these more supernatural areas of our relationship. Perhaps it had to wait until I realized that my condition isn’t a result of laziness but rather a real fatigue brought on by bad decisions and my propensity for depression.


Those who receive dreams and visions are given something that they must share. It is not a small thing to see what awaits us down the line. Destiny rushes toward us, and there are those who are called to announce it. Others of us wait offstage, ready to give the strong support these town criers, these watchers have to have in order to do their work. It is a process that only works when all involved are doing their part.


I thank God for sending Jesus to pay the price for my sins. I strive every day to be stronger in resisting temptation and committing the sins that result when I fail. It is not easy, but if it were, would it be worth it? I am, simply, humbled that He would show me these things in spite of my tendency to whine about everything.


He is awesome, indeed.




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I am a creator and visionary. I use my artistic and writing skills to put to life my thoughts and dreams.

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