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Enter the Darkness

What kind of time are we entering into? It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. No, not that. It is a time of darkness. How can we tell? Sitting on the edge of nuclear destiny while watching the latest episode of the Following, I found myself thinking, “There’s nothing but darkness. How did it get so dark?” Indeed, I find the devil working overtime to convince us there’s no hope. The best of what’s inside is still rotting flesh. And, sadly enough, it’s true.


The show’s hero, or anti-hero, Ryan Hardy is portrayed as a broken beaten down man not even looking for redemption when he’s called back to the FBI to help in the search for a serial killer he put away years ago. The killer has escaped from prison, taken care of  by his seemingly unending flock of groupies, his “following.” The FBI needs Ryan because he’s the only one who can get inside the killer’s mind. Once he agrees to come in, he’s promptly muzzled but is able to function in a way reminiscent of Jack Bauer. Almost but not quite competent due to the large network of people who love Ryan’s nemesis.


This week’s show revealed yet another level to Ryan’s tortured past. His father, shot by a drug dealer, was avenged by Ryan himself who killed the druggie by forcing him at gunpoint to overdose. The question that continues to plague me through all of this is will there be any redemption? This show has become a popular new addition to the Fox schedule, having already been picked up for a second season. Kevin Bacon’s acting is impeccable, and he has a great cast to back him up.


Television programming (get it? programming?) has been pointed in this direction for some time, and this, its culmination, comes at a time where our world stances on a precipice that can bring only destruction and slavery. If there was no bright future to wait and hope for, I would find no problem with offing myself because I didn’t choose this. I want to cry for the world of my childhood, not because there was no darkness hovering over me but because it had not yet become evident. I want to cry because my children can’t know what freedom is. It is no longer taught in schools. It disappears a little bit every day as the noose around us tightens.


Life has become so dark that even the light of the Holy Spirit shines from too few of those who fight against the current ruler of this earth. May Jesus come soon and rescue us from this hell on earth.the-following-fox-poe-hed-2013


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