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Internet Issues and More

So….while the world continues to go down the toilet, my internet issues continue to plague me. It’s not enough to have problems focusing. Absolutely not enough indeed. However, I continue to fight the big fight and work toward my ultimate goal of earning some kind of living with my various videos, photos and writing

I have a new series up on Yahoo Voices regarding my Impromptu Cooking ideas. Eventually my Impromptu Cook site will be tied to the Yahoo site. Right now it’s a lot of writing and promoting and trying to keep it all together. It’s hard; some days it’s a fight to just get up and function. I’ll be adding more content regularly, and perhaps it’s time to bring Araghan back into the light of day. Perhaps.

In the end, though, it should be well worth it. The power of Jesus Christ is with me. I have been given the tools for homesteading. All I have to do now is work at it. For the first time in a really long time, I’m looking forward to life unfolding before me. That is probably the best thing that has happened to me in years.

So pray for me please. Pray for God to give me my internet back without any hiccups, because it would really make a difference.


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I am a creator and visionary. I use my artistic and writing skills to put to life my thoughts and dreams.

One response to “Internet Issues and More

  1. Brendon Aban0n ⋅

    I found this site via your FS player..Keep it up

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