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A tangled web indeed…

So I’m not much into any form of numerology whether it be from Bible codes or New Age crap. I’m really not familiar with the whole gematria system used with Hebrew words and letters.  I have read posts and seen videos here and there regarding these methods of extracting prophecy and trying to figure out who the Anti-christ is. I have to shake my head usually because while I’m not much for believing in coincidences, I also don’t believe that it’s that easy.

Or maybe it is. But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I was watching something on youtube (and no I don’t remember what it was) that referred to the gematria and the Hebrew letter for 6 being a w. And then the video mentioned the www that precedes web addresses. Then something in my brain clicked. No, it wasn’t painful, but it did make me think.

What does that www stand for? World Wide Web? Eh? What’s a web?

From Wikipedia:  World Wide Web or “the Web”, a hypertext system that operates over the Internet.

Okay, we already thought of that one. So what is a web?

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Spiderweb: the network of silken thread spun by most spiders and used as a resting place and as a trap for small prey.

Or…something resembling a web: Snare, Entanglement

So…..what does this  mean in the grand scheme of things?

Could it possibly be a trap? Could the Internet, our wonderful world wide web be a tool of the devil? Because if “w” equals “6” in Hebrew, then what is www? 666? Mark of the beast?

Possibly, but it’s more. Because they decided to call it a web. Now, before you decide that I’m just paranoid, yes I know that one of the definitions for web is “a network.” And in and of itself the Internet is not evil. But it’s really easy to lose yourself when surfing. It’s like falling down a hole, or walking down a spiral staircase that never ends.

You can find just about anything on the Internet. The World Wide Web. You can find things that you may have never wanted to find if it didn’t exist.

It’s a system that will come into play right before our eyes. It will be integrated into our lives. This has already happened. We think very little of the technology that is introduced piecemeal to us. Little by little we are drawn in. How far do we go before it’s too late? At what point are we stuck?

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up lately. Surely it has to have been thought of before now. But I must admit, it is very chilling to think about how easily we can be fooled. The age of the microchip is upon us. We are but one step away from bodily insertion. It’s always for the greater good, to make things more convenient, to keep us from having to wait. Since the advent of modern technology, we have been fed, little by little, a lifestyle that demands the system that will be the downfall of everyone living on this planet. All for the price of our souls. Will you give up yours?

Or will you fight back. Will you accept Jesus as your Lord? Will you ask Him to be your Saviour? Will you lay down your life and turn away from the toys the enemy has convinced us are the best things ever?

There is so much more to look forward to. He who dies with the most toys still dies. And if you love your toys remember: If you die in your sins those toys are all you’ll ever have.

For eternity.



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