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Why, you ask?

In the several places I hang out on the internet, I see the same question. Why does God allow this? Well, here’s the cold hard truth. You don’t want him around. You’ve taken him out of the schools, out of various parts of the government. You don’t want him hanging out on the streets. You don’t want him anywhere. And you certainly don’t want anyone to mention Jesus Christ. So what do you expect?

You want nothing to do with God. You want nothing to do with God. Did you get that? NOTHING. If you don’t want him hanging out in your business, while you go and do abominable things, then how can you expect him to come and fix it all? The reason he doesn’t do anything is because you’ve managed to go and get Satan, the devil himself aka Lucifer, to get all up in your stuff. And you know what? He’s all about doing bad things. He’s already going to eternal damnation with his other fallen angel buddies, so of course he wants to take as many of us with him that he can. We are eternal spiritual beings, and we have a choice. Do we want to bow to God Almighty, creator of the universe? Or do we prefer the company of  the most pure evil?

Face it folks.  It’s fun to do bad things. It’s exciting to live on the edge. But is it worth it? Look at your life. Is it all about big screen TVs, expensive cars and houses you can’t afford? Patience is gone. Waiting on the Lord is ridiculous in the world’s eyes. We’ve been programmed to covet our neighbor’s stuff. We’ve been encouraged to be envious. And somewhere in the process we forgot how to be conservative in what we have. It’s a disposable society that throws out garbage like no one else on the planet. We have been programmed. Look it up, it’s what’s on TV every day, every hour of our lives.

So, in the case of a horrible massacre, don’t point your fingers at God. Don’t blame Him for any of it. You asked for it when you told Him to leave you alone, America. So don’t go around crying about consequences.

And…it’s about to get much worse.





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