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The transparency of the nuthouse…

So Satan made his presence known once again, but no one was paying attention. Instead they went shopping for big screen TVs and video games and brand new clothes. Maybe they shopped on eBay. Maybe they went to the mall. They heard the noise and cried but failed to understand that none of it is real. The deaths are real. The pain is real, but the motives behind the actions are not real.

I wrote Conversations With No One as I began to understand how the matrix really works. Waking up was painful, and the steps I’ve walked since then have been hard fought, but the purpose I’ve found is amazing and deeper than any rabbit hole should ever have to be. At some point I’ll return to that story, but first I have to learn to manage my time. First I have to figure out how to live, because living was not my purpose before. I existed. I endured each day. Now I am promised life, either here or beyond. I have a future to anticipate with longing. I have a message to convey, and some of it might be hard to understand, but I have discovered that riddles have a part to play in it all.

While the PTB have to openly expose their actions to a sleeping world, my God shrouds His truth. You have to seek the truth. It is not out there to be dragged through the mud. It is a priceless pearl that exists for those who are willing to give up everything. The warning is, however, that it is everything that must be given up. God will ask for no less than everything, but in turn he will give you everything. It is a delicious riddle that brings a smile to my face. He can be trusted in everything. Keep no secrets because you have none when in His presence. And it is a wonderful thing to be able to discuss everything.

For this, I will share the rest of the journey that is my reward for choosing the pearl.



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I am a creator and visionary. I use my artistic and writing skills to put to life my thoughts and dreams.

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